Tripp Crosby


comedian, actor, director

About Tripp

Tripp Crosby is most widely known as the taller half of Tripp and Tyler, a world famous YouTube sketch comedy duo with over 25 million views.  Their work has been featured on the Today Show, CNN Headline News, and multiple times on the homepage of YouTube.


Tripp is also the founder of Green Tricycle Studios in Atlanta, GA, an  award-winning commercial, music video, and branded entertainment production company.  Their work has been seen on multiple television networks and by millions on the world wide web.


When he's not producing new sketches with Tyler or leading his team at Green Tricycle,  Tripp can be seen across the globe hosting  events and ceremonies for worldwide brands such as GiANT, InComm, and Delta.




For live events please contact


Danny Sherman at Thruline Entertainment



For on-camera appearances please contact


Ayala Cohen at ICM PARTNERS